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Overall vs. sector rankings

Overall vs. Sector Rankings

What is the difference between these rankings?

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Overall Rankings

The overall rankings measure employer popularity among students and graduates in general, regardless of industry or area of work that they are interested in. Respondents are asked to identify the employers they intend to apply to upon graduation, through a multi-stage approach that mimics the typical job-hunting thought process.

The overall rankings are useful for companies who want to measure their overall mindshare among students and graduates – whether among students who are applying to a wide range of employers across different sectors, or students who have some preference about which sector they wish to work in.

Sector Rankings

The sector rankings measure employer popularity only among students and graduates who are keen on working within a particular industry sector. Respondents first classify the sectors they are most interested in and then asked to indicate the employers within that sector whom they intend to apply to. 


The sector rankings are useful for employers looking to measure how popular they are among students keen on pursuing careers within a particular sector, and to benchmark themselves against other named competitors within that sector. 

Interested to find out how the survey is conducted and the methodology behind it?

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